As Leader:

Cuneiform 323 - Dead Cat Bounce: Chance Episodes (2011)- 4 Stars and Best of 2012 CD list Downbeat; Best of 2011 CD list Jazz Times!

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Innova 644 - Persiflage (2006)

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Innova 593 - Dead Cat Bounce: Home Speaks to the Wandering (2004)

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Dead Cat Bounce: Legends of the Nar - Chonsky (2001)


Dead Cat Bounce: Lucky By Association - Chonsky (1998)


As Sideman/Arranger:

(2012) SteveSongs (Rounder) - Orangutan Van
(2011) Brandon Patton (Merlin Pool) - How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire
(2010) MC Frontalot (Level Up) - Zero Day
Sam Bigelow (Hi-N-Dry) - The Foundry
MC Frontalot (Level Up) - Nerdcore Rising


Brandon Patton (Merlin Pool) - Should Confusion
(2002) Jazz Composers Alliance (Innova) - The Death of Simone Weil


SteveSongs (Rounder) - Marvelous Day
SteveSongs (Rounder) - Little Superman
SteveSongs (Rounder) - The King, Mice & Cheese
SteveSongs (Rounder) - On a Flying Guitar
SteveSongs (Rounder) - Morning 'Til Night

Streaming Media Samples


Dead Cat Bounce
Album: Home Speaks to the Wandering
Play (1.4 MB)
Hepcat Revival
Play (1.4 MB)
Hear My Flow
Play (1.4 MB)
Myopia Hunt Club
Play (1.6 MB)
Angelic & Podlike
Album: Legends of the Nar
Play (1.4 MB)
Little Overture
Play (1.2 MB)
Dead Cat Catillion
Play (1.3 MB)
Play (1.3 MB)
Romulus & Remus
Album: Lucky By Association
Play (1.4 MB)
Pendulum Sketch
Play (1.5 MB)
Mentes Flexiveis

Play (1.4 MB)
March Nor'easter
Play (1.0 MB)
Hitting The Windshield
Play (2.6 MB)
Ant Colony (live)
Play (2.8 MB)
Country Rake Fight
Play (3.5 MB)
Ring on Delhi (live)
Play (1.4 MB)
Turbulent Life Seekers
Play (1.4 MB)
Episodio de Osmany

Lavender Jones & The Dead Giveaways
Play (5.3 MB)
Grand Central Criminal
Play (3.2 MB)
Hepcat Scramble
Play (3.0 MB)
Please Don't Dance
Play (3.0 MB)
Swift Boat
Play (1.6 MB)
Cloud Nine
Play (2.7 MB)
Can't Find a Topic
Play (3.0 MB)
My Art Is A Monument
Play (3.0 MB)
Ode To Junk



Orchestral Music
Play (2.2 MB)
Play (5.2 MB)
Play (5.4 MB)
Escapist (Jazz Orchestra)
Play (5.6 MB)
Ring on Delhi (Jazz Orchestra)
Play (7.2 MB)
Scent of Prey (Jazz Orchestra)

Chamber + Electro-Acoustic Music
Play (5.8 MB)
For Wally Pipp: Headache of Irony (electro-acoustic)
Play (3.3 MB)
Fantastic Muse (electro-acoustic)
Take Flight Uncertain (electroacoustic video)
Play (2.0 MB)
Confluence of Nature and Urban Culture (electronics with field recordings)
Play (2.1 MB)
Scenes From An Argument (trio: bass clarinet, piano, percussion)
Play (1.7 MB)
Daybreak With Sporting Dog (brass quintet)

Music for Film, Theatre, Gaming, Ads & Pop Releases
Play (21.6 MB) Instrumental Scoring Audio Sampler
Play (11 MB) Collaborative Production Audio Sampler
Link Additional Music Production Samples
Bai Ri Meng
Quicktime Hush Little Baby
Cloud Nine - Act I
Hudsucker Re-Tooled (Middle)
I Am Bombay (Opener)
I Am Bombay (Middle)
Heart & Skull
Quicktime Sketcher Recalls



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